We had the pleasure of taking dance lessons with Jeramie Anderson to help prepare us for our wedding. He helped us target exactly what we wanted for our dance and went out of his way to help us find songs that might interest us. I truly believe that whatever level or kind of dance you are looking to learn, Jeramie will be able to help you achieve your goals. Our first dance was so much fun, and a crowd pleaser, and we really enjoyed working with Jeramie to get there. We would highly recommend him!
- Natalia Barbieri
Jeramie is an outstanding teacher, phenomenal DJ, and an all-around fun event organizer. He does an incredible job of making each dancer on the floor feel like they have something unique to offer. Beyond that, he's wonderfully warm and welcoming to every dancer at every event. His attitude on the dance floor and as an instructor makes him a highly desirable dance partner and workshop leader. He's done a great job for our scene. We always look forward to having him back!!!
- Amanda Hansen
PR and Instruction Director
Central PA Swing Dance Club
I am a huge fan of Jeramie on many levels; he is a superb dancer with the ability to inspire his partner to do things she may not know she‚s capable of. He can suit his DJ skills to match any event. And his charm and engaging personality make him a joy to work with both on and off the dance floor. I wish I had a pocket-sized version of him to carry with me every time I go out dancing!
- Lonelle Yoder
Organizer, SwingColumbus (Ohio)
Every so often I hit a plateau in my dancing and feel uninspired, uncreative, and stale. It was at just such a time that I took a series of privates with Jeramie. He helped me to hear the music again and begin to think of new ways to interpret what I was hearing into my dancing. His instruction was custom-tailored to what I needed. In addition to his excellent teaching, I'm always inspired watching him dance and love the enthusiasm and energy he brings to the dance floor.
- Kevin Barr


I have nearly a decade of dancing experience with a strong knowledge of musical structure. I attribute my musical and dance aptitude to approximately 20 years of playing the drums, the influence of my mother who was a "Solid Gold Dancer", and a strong athletic background (cross-country running, wrestling). I currently live in Dallas, Texas; but Austin, TX will forever be my home. Music and dance are my passions.

I first started dancing in November of 1998 and by early 2000 I had joined "NeoSwing" an Olympic performance group coached by Tena Morales and Carnell Pipkin. Our team was based out of Houston, Texas and traveled to the Sydney Olympics to perform as part of the National Association of Performing Arts Educators. Shortly thereafter I began competing and DJing regularly. I've been addicted ever since! I am constantly traveling both to teach and to learn from dancers across the country and across the world. My goal is to make everything highly energetic and fun. I'm a goofball and always do my best to keep everyone laughing!



Austin, TX
1st Place Strictly Blues (Evita Arce)


Austin, TX
1st Place Strictly Blues (Evita Arce)


New Orleans, LA
2nd Place Advanced/All Star J&J(Sara Deckard)

New Orleans, LA
2nd Place Strictly Lindy(Vanessa Shields)


Washington, DC
3rd Place Lindy Hop(Amber Anderson)


Stamford, CT
1st Place Blues (Evita Arce)
5th Place Overall American Showcase (Gretta Thorne)

Washington, DC
2nd Place Lindy Hop(Crista Seipp)

Glen Echo, MD
1st Place Strictly Lindy (Lily Matini)

Houston, Tx
1st Place ALHC American Showcase Qualifier(Crista Seipp)


Stamford, CT
2nd Place Blues (Kristin Hershberger)
2nd Place Jill and Jack (Anna Whitmore)
6th Place Overall American Showcase (Crista Seipp)

St. Petersberg, FL
1st Place Open Showcase (Crista Seipp)
1st Place Strictly Lindy(Crista Seipp)
3rd Place Jack and Jill

Boogie in Bethesda WCS
Bethesda, MD
2nd Place Novice West Coast Swing Jack & Jill (Chansin Bird)

Herndon, VA
1st Place Adv/Pro Strictly Lindy (Lily Matini)
4th Place Adv Jack & Jill (Mary Hawser)

K2 Swings Pre-VSO Jack and Jill Contest
Laurel, MD
1st Place Jack and Jill (Katie Eyring)

Washington, DC
2nd Place Jack and Jill (Jen Fahnestock)

Orlando, FL
1st Place American Showcase (Crista Seipp)
1st Place Endurance Jitterbug Fast Dance Challenge(Crista Seipp)
1st Place Slow Dance (Crista Seipp)
3rd Place Jack and Jill (Mike Legett)

Atlanta, GA
4th Place Strictly Lindy (Gina Helfrich)

Central Market and Austin Swing Syndicate's Swing Central
Austin, TX
1st Place Jack and Jill (Kerri Martin)


Stamford, CT
3rd Place Jill and Jack (Chrissy Bridgeman)

Orlando, FL
1st Place American Showcase (Crista Seipp)
3rd Place Endurance Jitterbug Fast Dance Challenge (Crista Seipp)


Stamford, CT
3rd Place Champions Jack and Jill (Ria Debiase)


Stamford, CT
2nd Place ProAm (Carla Heiney)

American Lindy Hop Midwest Regional Championships
Houston, TX
2nd Place American Showcase (Evita Arce)

Be Bop Burgers Swing to Stomp Out Tobacco
Santa Barbara, CA
2nd Place Strictly Lindy (Doug Silton)

San Diego, CA
1st Place Strictly Lindy (Doug Silton)


American Lindy Hop Midwest Regional Championships
Austin, TX
1st Place American Showcase (Jen Delk)


American Lindy Hop Midwest Regional Championships
Austin, TX
1st Place American Showcase (Jen Delk)

Neo Swing Olympic Performance Troupe
Sydney, Australia
Performed at 2000 Olympic under NAPAE (National Association of Performing Arts Educators


Austin Swing Syndicate Halloween Dance Contest
Austin, TX
1st Place Strictly Swing (Alyssa Reinhart)

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